Scrum is built on values

Scrum is built on principles and values. These values guide decision-making, provide clarity in times of ambiguity, and most importantly, communicate why agile teams do what they do. The values behind the Scrum framework are: focus, respect, commitment, courage, and openness [SCHWABER 02]. Focus To focus means to concentrate, to direct attention on something. In Scrum, the team must … More Scrum is built on values

The most of the time we spent in the work – so it defines us – really???

One of the thing I usually find used by people from talent acquisition (recruitment) – is that the work you do is most of your life and you should be enjoying that and having enough fun in it. And when you listen to that – you really feel there is something in it – and it’s quite true. … More The most of the time we spent in the work – so it defines us – really???

Learn by doing …

Once again I’ve proved to myself – that I am able to learn much more when I’m doing than when I’m just reading. This time I really wanted to learn about – how to create own app like HackerRank. Finally I’ve created usable app – which contains already several problems with different level of difficulty … More Learn by doing …

How to learn to become a coach

Project Oxygen – possibly you’ve heard about that. It’s the project in Google which was supposed to prove  – that managers are useless. The project itself failed (which sounds reasonable) – and if you are interested you can find more details in here – The thing is, as a part of that project, based on … More How to learn to become a coach