How to use OpenGL and GLUT on Visual Studio 2008

1. Install Windows SDK

Download link

Of course, documentation and examples tabs are not necessary.

2.  Download GLUT Library

Download link

Extract all files:

  • Move all files .h to <PATH>\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Include\GL
  • Move all files .lib to <PATH>\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Lib
  • Move all files .dll to C:\Windows\system32

3.  Create example project in Visual Studio 2008

  • Create Visual C++ Win32 Console Application
  • In Configuration tab,  in Application Settings check Empty Project
  • Go to Project > Properties, display Configuration Properties and from Configuration combo box chooseAll Configurations
  • Display Linker > Input, then in Additional Dependencies write GlU32.Lib OpenGL32.Lib glut32.lib and it is all 😉

Advice: display Project > Properties > Configuration Properties and in General tab change Character Set to Use Multi-Byte Character Set (it solve some problems during compilation)

Bibliography (in Polish)

Tweex blog


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