The Java libraries in your .NET application

Java libraries in .NET application – research

I have a problem to solve. How can I work with Java libraries and graphic frameworks (WPF, Windows Forms) from .NET in a single application ? I found solving on page IKVM.NET.

IKVM.NET – what is it ?

It is an implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework

It contains:

  • .NET implementation of a Java Virtual Machine
  • A .NET implementation of the Java class libraries
  • Tools that enable Java and .NET interoperability

The most interesting part of IKVM.NET for me are tools that enable Java and .NET interoperability. For example, ikvmc is a translator from Java bytecode to .NET IL. If you have a Java library that you would like to use in a .NET application, run ikvmc -target:library mylib.jar to create mylib.dll.

The thing I want to use in my project, is programmatically called operation to convert a jar library file to a dll library.


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