C# Developers open source tools & framework common list …

Open source tools & frameworks – .NET

I had written a lot of code in Java before I started my adventure with .NET (01 II 2008) . Last time, I was looking for a tools and a frameworks such like JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito, Spring, PicoContainer, Ant, Maven, Log4J, Struts,  Hibernate, etc., which we can find in the .NET world. . All what I found up to now you can find there:

JUnit NUnit (my actual choice)

Mockito, Easy Mock Rhino Mock (my actual choice)

  • Another propositions: NMock2 (I consider using that framework), Moq, TypeMock (commercial!)

Spring, PicoContainerSpring.NET (I consider using that framework)

Ant, MavenNAnt (my actual choice)

  • Another propositions: Byldan (I consider using that framework, it is .NET version of maven), MsBuild (Microsoft)

Log4JNLog (my actual choice)

  • Another propositions: log4net (old project – to .NET Framework 2.0)

HibernateNHibernate (my actual choice)

StrutsASP .NET MVC (Microsoft) (I consider using that framework)


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