Registry Cleaner – windows registry

Registry of the Windows System – yes, yes. It can produce a lot of problems. Moreover, manually cleaning up the registry is very strenuous action. So I try to do it automatically with the Registry Cleaner.
After running the Registry Cleaner I can say:
  • it found 1188 invalid registry entries ! (include invalid paths, invalid shared files, invalid file extensions, null commands and more…)
  • it is very user-friendly soft
  • moreover before you will do any action, you can create the registry backup and restore it later
  • fixing invalid entries is surely fast !
Second running the Registry Cleaner(the next moment):
  • it found 42 invalid registry entries -> not every entry is fixed by the last fix action. But 1188 –  42 is 1146 cleaned entries, so it is a very good result for me 🙂
Third running the Registry Cleaner(the next moment):
  • 32, probably the software has some problems with fixing -> Invalid File Extensions, Null Opens, Null Commands, Null CurVers, and Null DefaultIcons
  • 26, then I try to delete an invalid entries manually. Registry Cleaner has option to open registry for founded entries 🙂 (I can not repair some of them: finally the number of invalid entries is 7
  • There is one disadvantage for me: you can open context menu by clicking right mouse button, but not by keyboard ! Usually next to right control we have a button to simulate right mouse click but it doesn’t work with that application.
So if you have similar problems I have, you should visit a digeus site and try to use Registry Cleaner 🙂

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