ReSharper 5.0 & Visual Studio 2010 – Keymap Part 2

New ReSharper 5.0, new Visual Studio 2010.

Wow, for every developer who extensively use this tools it is very very good news. I will try to look around for interesting things that appears in new versions and I will mention the old good features of ReSharper and Visual Studio.

Keymap Part 2

Navigation – files and bookmarks:

  • Ctrl+Tab – the most often used shortcut to navigaton by me, you must try it 🙂
  • Ctrl+E – fast way to see and go to recent files
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Backspace – fast way to see and go to recent edits
  • Ctrl+Shift+[numeric key] – set/remove bookmark
  • Ctrl+[numeric key] – go to bookmark
  • Ctrl+` – view bookmarks

Code exploring (often used):

  • Ctrl+N – go to type window, very very useful, you do not need a solution explorer any more … ok, almost you do not need it 😉
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N – the same but for a symbol, for example class member (method, property, etc)
  • Ctrl+F12 – go to file member, and you can turn off Navigation Bar -> more space for a code ! (Tools->Options->Text Editor->All Languages->Navigation Bar Check Box)
  • Alt+F7 – find usages of code element
  • Ctrl+Shift+G – “navigate to” window
  • Ctrl+B – go to declaration, in ReSharper 5.0 we can even go to the code which we have not sources !
  • Ctrl+U – go to base symbols
  • Ctrl+Alt+B – go to derived symbols
  • Ctrl+Alt+F7 – go to usage
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B – go to implementation
  • Ctrl+Shift+T – go to type of symbol

Code exploring (rarely used, but useful):

  • Shift+Alt+F7 – advanced find usages of code element
  • Ctrl+Alt+U – show find results window
  • Ctrl+Shift+F7 – highlight usages in file
  • Ctrl+Alt+Up – go to previous usage
  • Ctrl+Alt+Down – go to next usage

ReSharper documentation

Plugin that helps you learn the ReSharper shortcuts –


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