ReSharper 5.0 & Visual Studio 2010 – Keymap Part 1

New ReSharper 5.0, new Visual Studio 2010.

Wow, for every developer who extensively use this tools it is very very good news. I will try to look around for interesting things that appears in new versions and I will mention the old good features of ReSharper and Visual Studio. Firstly, I describe the Keymap (only ReSharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA). I think it is the most comfortable keymap schema, you can call most of actions in one shortcut (for Visual Studio schema we have for example Ctrl+K, Ctrl+ C to set up comment, but for IntelliJ IDEA we can do that with Ctrl+/ !).

Keymap Part 1

The most useful shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Space – well known shortcut, code completion
  • Ctrl+Shift+Space – if Ctrl+Space can not help you, use smart code completion (for example – enum completion)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Space – if you do not have a using statement, that shortcut add it and next do a code completion for you 🙂
  • Alt+Enter – it is your private code helper, use it to repair warnings, errors, refactoring, etc… most often used shortcut by me, excluding Ctrl+Space 😉

Create category (often used):

  • Ctrl+P – show me method parameters – parameter info
  • Alt+Ins – Generate code, it saves your invaluable time, generate constructors, properties (read-only properties), implement missing members, override members, delegate members, equality members (Equals method, GetHashCode method, operator ==, operator !=), formatting members (ToString method)
  • Ctrl+Alt+J – another action that saves your time, it surround selected code with template – loops, region, brackets, try…catch, try…finally, #if … #endif, cast, lock and others (you can define own templates and share it with other developers)
  • Ctrl+W – extend selection, multiple step selection(simple element, parent element with a embedded simple element, method, class, file, etc …)
  • Ctrl+/ – comment with line comment, line or selected code
  • Ctrl+Q – quick documentation, useful for well-documented code (for example third-party professional frameworks)
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter – complete statement, for example: to the code “return string.Format(“Board: {0}”, this._board” add missing “);”  and move a cursor to the next line
  • Ctrl+Shift+W – rollback steps of the Ctrl+W action
  • Ctrl+J – insert template, Rapid Application Development method – using the code templates (for example creating a property in class)

Create category (rarely used, but useful):

  • Ctrl+D – duplicate a line or selection
  • Ctrl+Shift+/ – comment with block comment, line or selected code
  • Ctrl+Shift+V – multiple paste, choose one from the “Ctrl+C history”
  • Ctrl+Alt+Ins – create file from template (class, enum, interface, etc)

ReSharper documentation

Plugin that helps you learn the ReSharper shortcuts –


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