ReSharper 5.0 & Visual Studio 2010 – Keymap Part 4

New ReSharper 5.0, new Visual Studio 2010.

Wow, for every developer who extensively use this tools it is very very good news. I will try to look around for interesting things that appears in new versions and I will mention the old good features of ReSharper and Visual Studio.

Last time I described a bookmarks mechanism of Visual Studio 2008 (post link). Now you should use a ReSharper 5.0 bookmarks feature described by me in the Keymap Part 2 post.

Keymap part 4

Visual Studio 2010 shortcuts (often used):

  • Ctrl+Shift+B – build solution
  • Ctrl+Break – cancel build
  • F5 – start in debug mode
  • Ctrl+F5 – start without debugging
  • Ctrl+Shift+F9 – delete all breakpoints
  • F9 – toggle breakpoint
  • Ctrl+F9 – enable/disable breakpoint
  • Ctrl+F10 – run to cursor in debug
  • Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F – format selection
  • Ctrl+G – go to line
  • Ctrl+Alt+L – go to solution explorer
  • F4 – properties view

Visual Studio 2010 shortcuts (rarely used, but useful):

  • Alt+F10 – apply code changes in debug
  • Ctrl+Alt+D – disassembly
  • Ctrl+Shift+S – save all documents in solution
  • F7 – view code/view desiger – change on
  • Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L – toggle all outlining
  • Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O – collapse to definitions
  • Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M – toggle outlining expansion—based on the current cursor position in the editor window, hides or unhides the outline region.
  • [Holding down] Ctrl –  while the completion list is displayed makes the list partially transparent.
  • Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X – insert snippet
  • Ctrl+\, Ctrl+T – task list view
  • Ctrl+\, Ctrl+E – error list view
  • Shift+Alt+Enter – full Screen On/Off
  • Ctrl+R, Ctrl+I – extract interface
  • Ctrl+R, Ctrl+V – remove parameters
  • Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D – auto format the file (source, xml or html)

ReSharper documentation

Plugin that helps you learn the ReSharper shortcuts –


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