Professional software engineer code of conduct

Every professional should follow a code of conduct associated with his profession. Once again, the great words from Clean Coder book explains us how it should look like:

"1. First, your code must work. You must understand what problem you are 
solving and understand how to solve that problem. You must ensure that the 
code you write is a faithful representation of that solution. You must manage 
Down from every detail of that solution while remaining consistent within the language, 
platform, current architecture, and all the warts of the current system.
2.  Your code must solve the problem set for you by the customer. Often the 
customer’s requirements do not actually solve the customer’s problems. It is 
up to you to see this and negotiate with the customer to ensure that the 
customer’s true needs are met.
3.  Your code must fit well into the existing system. It should not increase the 
rigidity, fragility, or opacity of that system. The dependencies must be well-
managed. In short, your code needs to follow solid engineering principles.
4.  Your code must be readable by other programmers. This is not simply a 
matter of writing nice comments. Rather, it requires that you craft the code in 
such a way that it reveals your intent. This is hard to do. Indeed, this may be 
the most difficult thing a programmer can master."

It is not difficult to follow, so every software engineer at least should try to abide by it .


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