Recursion level in C# vs F#

Interesting comparison between C# and F#: max level of recursion (on 64 bit machine).


class Program
    static void Main()

    public static void CheckRecursion(int val)
        Console.WriteLine("Recursion level: {0}", val);
        CheckRecursion(val + 1);

Result: 39925 depth level, and we have StackOverflowException


let rec checkRecursion(n) =
    printfn "%d" n


Result: 16221946 depth level and program is still working 😉

For me, really awesome.

Results are connected with how F# is dealing with recursion code. More details about that, in the near future. Just worth to remember, if you have a problem with recursion and still need code like that, try to use F# code 🙂


One thought on “Recursion level in C# vs F#

  1. It’s really the question of how much memory you have on the machine for the stack, With 8GB I went down to over 1,6 M with simple recursion and hit CTRL-C as I didn’t have time to wait :). Of course tail recursion will always be more effective as it’s almost similar to looping. But the real issue here is – if you need even 39k iteration – there’s your problem 🙂 At least in normal apps.

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