When Being Good is Bad by John Sonmez

Really nice article, I truly recommend to read it!


And below you can find the summary of that:

“Here are some practical ways that I was able to increase my productivity as a developer.

  • Leap before you look.  I stopped reading up on a subject or technology so much before jumping into it.  I started by jumping into it and then refining my knowledge as opposed to trying to learn something and then do it.
  • Stop worrying about how.  Often when I consider some course of action or a project to work on, then first thing I will consider is how I will accomplish it.  This is a killer for motivation and a waste of time.  How is not important, what and when are far more important.  How gets us caught up in the details.  I started having faith in myself that I would figure out how as I needed to.
  • Don’t be a afraid to do it dirty first.  Many times I want to start of with a clean solution to a problem.  This is often a waste of time, because you don’t know enough about a problem to design it properly until you start trying to solve the problem.
  • Don’t be afraid to rewrite code.  This goes hand and hand with my previous bullet, but I included it here, because it is important on its own.  Rewriting something is not bad or as hard as it seems.  If you aren’t afraid to completely rewrite some code you wrote, you are more likely to solve a problem with a less than optimal solution, which will advance you on your way, instead of getting stuck.
  • Recognize that there is no perfect solution, there are only solutions that are optimized for one or more variables.  Some solutions have fewer trade-offs than others, but all solutions have trade-offs, which cannot be avoided, no matter how hard you try.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, but fail because you ran as hard as you could, not because you gave up.  It is much better to try 20 times at a big goal and have the 20th time be a success than it is to pick some small goal you know you can accomplish and get it the first time.  You can only succeed as big as you are willing to fail.  They key thing about failure is that when you get knocked down, you can always get back up.”

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