NDatabase project – time for the start

Some time ago I met the lack in a .net world. I wanted to link in my app a simple framework for storage objects in .net. The simplicity was my first requirement. I knew the db4o API achieved this aim so I wanted to use something like that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t  use the GPL library because of his nature. The other think was that there was no good free .net object database around. I decided then to look for some Java one and maybe try to prepare something like that, but in .net.

Finally I found NeoDatis ODB written in Java. It fulfills all my requirements (like LGPL license, simplicity, etc). What was even more important, this library has own .net version but in development state. Unfortunately it was very unstable and it has to many things which I didn’t need. I decided then to create own C# version of that which will be okay with all my requirements.

Today I want to present my new project I’m working on: NDatabase – pure C# Lightweight Object Database 🙂

All needed information you can find there: http://ndatabase.codeplex.com



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