NDatabase release 2.1.0


  • Add support for unsigned int, short, long and signed byte to NDatabase (http://ndatabase.codeplex.com/workitem/889)
  •  improve Triggers API (make it similar to Index one) (BREKING CHANGE)
    • remove from IOdb interface methods like AddUpdateTrigger, AddDeleteTrigger, etc.
    • add to IOdb interface ITriggerManager TriggerManagerFor() where T : class method, which allows on all CRUD operations in terms of triggers
  • changing base NDatabase API to be more developer friendly (BREKING CHANGE)
    • instead of GetObjects methods in IOdb interface we have Query methods
    • IClassRepresentation replaced with IIndexManager which controls access/creation of indexes (simplify the Index API)
    • CriteriaQuery methods of IOdb interface replaced with more meaningful CreateCriteriaQuery methods (they are factory methods)
    • Change IOdb inteface’s GetName method to GetDbId (more meaningful)
    • rename IObejcts inteface with IObjectSet (more Soda standard here)
  • Update access level of NDatabase exception constructors (all are internal)
  • make all internal exceptions the concrete classes of OdbRuntimeException (all NDatabase exceptions are public)
  • UPDATE DB version to 20, earlier db files are not compatible (need to use converter) (db version compatibility runtime check)
  • Add unit test which is showing bug in NDatabase -> using Invariant Equal on string with index is not working (http://ndatabase.codeplex.com/workitem/872)
  • cleaning api for InvariantEqual (Where static class)
    • public static IConstraint InvariantEqual(string attributeName, T value) method relaced with
    • public static IConstraint InvariantEqual(string attributeName, string value)
  • clean CriteriaQuery internal code (preparing for LINQ Provider implementation)
  • more minor cleanup

New Samples:

  • Exception Handling Sample (ndatabase/tutorial/NDatabase.Tutorial/NDatabase.Tutorial.ExceptionHandling)
  • CSV Sample, which is showing how to take advantage when we will process csv file into NDatabase with index (querying data – performance about 4 times better than when using FileHelpers) (ndatabase/tutorial/NDatabase.CSV.Tutorial)

Details: http://ndatabase.codeplex.com/releases/view/98868


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