High level programming started from FORTRAN

Year 1956, 56 years ago …

” FORTRAN started a revolution in computer programming, it removed the need for a programmer to be intimately aware of the details of how the underlying machine functioned. FORTRAN was developed so scientists and engineers could create computer programs to solve problems of interest in a general fashion. They used to need to load one value into a given spot in memory, another value into another very specific spot in memory, then compute the sum of the two and move the result into a third spot in memory. With FORTRAN, programmers could simply write a statement such as Z = X + Y. The computer would make sure Z ended up with holding the sum of the values of X and Y. ”

Source: http://arstechnica.com/science/2012/12/programming-for-all-part-1-an-introduction-to-writing-for-computers/2/

FortranForTheIBM704 Document


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