NDatabase 3.1 release, use NDatabase as In-Memory db!


[Home Page]  [Download] [Documentation] [NDatabase as In-Memory Db]


(+) – NDatabase as In-Memory Database (see documentation page)
(U) – remove app.config files from samples (see issue)
(+) – New project home page – http://ndatabase.wix.com/home
(+) – New project documentation page – http://ndatabase.net/
(U) – Updating and adding xml documenation which covers all public api
(U) – performance improvements in seeking the file (changing position happen only just before reading or writing)
(U) – minor cleanup (remove unused things, update access levels)
(U) – improve design of Northwind sample – extract typed data context to another library
(U) – move NonPersistentAttribute to Odb.Core namespace
(U) – move IConstraint to Odb.Core.Query namespace
(U) – move IRefactorManager to Odb.Core namespace
(U) – Move all exception or error related classes under NDatabase.Exceptions namespace
(U) – move OIDFactory to Odb.Core namespace
(U) – move IOdbComparable to Odb.Core namespace


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