Visual Studio Debugging++

Someone could said, debugging is bad. You don’t need to debug the code, you have unit tests and everything is simpler. But when unit tests / automated integration tests will be broken, then you need to say sorry to debugger and go deeply into code.

Going back to Visual Studio debugging. Personally, I love Ctrl+Alt+Q shortcut, which is giving us access to Quick Watch. We could change something in run-time  we could evaluate the expression, we could go through all object graph to look for some interesting value, and even more.  But  that’s the old world.

Fortunately, I discovered the amazing extension for Visual Studio:

Enhance your debugging experience

BugAid is an extension for Visual Studio that can help you whenever you debug C# code. Using our unique features you can debug faster than ever before and have more time for writing quality code!

Yes, BugAid is enhancing the process of debugging. It is extending Visual Studio with amazing features, just take a look on the features page.

We have ReSharper for refactoring, navigation and we have BugAid for debugging…



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