NDatabase 3.2 release, portability introduced!


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(+) – Portability – implementing less restricted Type resolution – without assembly name (namespace and class name are used)
(U) – Remove bug in Class introspector (it processed only user classes) (internal)
(U) – Remove partition of classes to user classes and system classes. Now all classes are treated in the same way (internal)
(U) – Fix in RefactorManager – rename class refactoring, remove field refactoring (Refactoring API)
(U) – Add unit tests for RefactorManager class (internal)
(U) – Generating less restricted Northwind database regarding Type resolution – Northwind is portable now (Northwind sample db)
(U) – Fix ObjectRepresentation – setting values of object attribute (Triggers API)
(U) – Add unit tests for ObjectRepresentaiton class (internal)
(+) – Add documentation for SODA queries in documentation


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