NDatabase 3.5 – changes are coming


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  • (+) – add .net 4.5 version of NDatabase
  • (U) – class resolver changed, now there is only one standard. Classes are always identified by assembly qualified name, but if assembly cannot be found for the class, code will try to enumerate all assemblies loaded into runtime to match the class. (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • (U) – All transactions are working in in-memory mode
  • (U) – Logging engine – simplify it, clean from non portable code, improve performance
  • (X) – Remove obsolete code invocation Assembly.LoadWithPartialName (http://ndatabase.codeplex.com/workitem/902)
  • (U) – Move OrderByConstants and NonPersistentAttribute to NDatabase.Common namespace (BREAKING CHANGE)

Additional changes:

  • Silverlight, CompactFramework and Windows Phone versions will not be actively developed any more. Last stable version (NDatabase 3.4) you can find in mobile branch, and in master35 branch (CF). Feel free to adapt them to your needs.

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