How research is looking like in Linkedin – looking for client-side templating library

If you are looking for some library, which has to meet your expectations take a look on how that’s done in Linkedin. The steps which are put there are really generic (especially in client-side/javascript world), so using of them in any case should help to find the best solution. Usually you only need to adapt description of them to meet your domain:

  1. DRY: how DRY is the templating technology? is there support for code-reuse and partials?
  2. i18n(transslation): is there support for translations and multiple languages?
  3. Hot reload: are changes visible immediately or is there a compile/deploy cycle?
  4. Performance: how long does it take to render in the browser and server?
  5. Ramp-up time: how is the learning curve?
  6. Ramped-up productivity: once you’ve ramped-up, how fast can you build things?
  7. Server/client support: can the same template be rendered both client-side and server-side?
  8. Community: is there an active community using this project? Can you google issues?
  9. Library agnostic: are there dependencies on other JS libraries, such as jQuery or Mootools?
  10. Testable: how hard is it to write unit and integration tests?
  11. Debuggable: is it possible to step through the code while it’s running to track down errors?
  12. Editor support: is there an editor with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, error checking, etc?
  13. Maturity: is this a relatively stable project or still experimenting and churning?
  14. Documentation: how is the documentation?
  15. Code documentation: do the templates encourage/require documentation/comments?

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