Simple.Config project – because configuration should be simple …



That’s the second serious open source project I’ve created. This time, it is all about reading configuration files.

My requirements (which I missed in existing libraries, that’s the reason for creating new one):

  • simple API, just for reading from configuration files
  • possibility to load automatically configurations on start
  • possibility to handle xml and ini files. Ini files for simple scenarios
  • should be as quick as possible
  • well-tested
  • should easily load configurations (xml) via HTTP, or both kinds of files (xml, ini) from shared or local drives
  • simple semantic describing configuration, which will allow on having the same property names in different scopes (here we have namespace, properties and values).

You can see below the diagram, which describes this simple concept:



Finally, the option I chose is to take some existing concepts, put them in one small efficient library and let it live… Enjoy:)


[Project page] [GitHub page]

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