Documentation Matters

Several times I heard that no one is reading the documentation (library, application, any software product), but still it is very important.

I realized that few times, when I looked for particular kind of  libraries. During comparison of them, the ones without documentation was put into the bin from the beginning  Then when I started to use particular library and I met some problem or I missed some functionality, that was the time for looking to documentation.

Now I can prove that software without it, that’s only the half of software product. If you want to convince users to use your library, and what is more important, to trust it – you need to have a good documentation.

In NDatabase project I’ve started with simple approach – wiki ages on codeplex: (old documentation part). Unfortunately, keeping that updated, the links between different pages, easily finding the concrete parts was not the easiest thing to do.

The better approach

Fortunately, thanks to EC Software team I received licence to theirs great product: Help & Manual.

Firstly, after viewing application screens, feature descriptions and sample projects I was scared that it should be really complicated. Nothing like that! It intuitively helped me to define high level structure of the document with giving me the reminder, that I can change it any time in the future. Someone could think that it is nothing, but it allow me to feel more comfortable.

 Big task was divided into smaller ones, so I could start on every single part of my future documentation …
Now it is inseparable part of my project, I’m keeping main project in GIT, it allows me on easily develop documentation in parallel with the library. If you will have a chance to try, don’t think twice, it is really worth to be used!

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