World is changing …

More and more times I’m starting to think, that the world we knew never will back again. The thing I’m talking about is the computers world we know, computer science and all things around. Few cases below:

1. I like few computer games which gives me some challenges, especially I’m a fan of Heroes series with wonderful Heroes 3 in it. The thing which recently happened is the thing I never thought could happen, the game was brought into browser! Just take a look: I played few hours in first test stage and the game is really awesome. The more awesome fact is that I didn’t download anything to my computer and new patches just appeared (with some small breaks but who cares;) ! The technology used to is FLASH, so with FLASH, HTML5 we now have a power to do even the most complicated things (games) in browser – that’s amazing!

2. JavaScript language (10th place on Tiobe index –, the language which was brought into next level. Now we have Node.JS ( – server side JavaScript, Google Chrome Developer Tools ( which brings development, debugging in browser on the next level, genius IDE for JavaScript (WebStorm – and the fact that JetBrains is putting support for JavaScript to any other IDE their stables should not stay indifferent, many languages which compiles directly into JavaScript (e. g. CoffeeScript) … I could find even more amazing facts about JavaScript, for now I believe the next 5 years will belong to JavaScript or its close family.

3. The way of how we are storing data. With Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, iCloud, InSync, Box … who cares know about CD, DVD and even memory sticks?

4. The only thing which I’m still doing on Windows/Linux is coding. And that’s amazing! Microsoft Office or Open Office  we have Google Docs and even Office Web Apps, for movies we have YouTube and many other services working in VOD way or others, games as I mentioned more sophisticated titles appears in browser world (Heroes, Settlers, Anno, Elder Scrolls and probably more), learning programs (Khan Academy, Pluralsight, etc), Skype solutions – e. g. Google Hangouts, displaying PDF – Google Chrome, Editing Code/Text – Online Text/Code Editors (,,,,

The things which I’m still using on desktop:

– VM Ware player

– yEd Graph Editor

– development tools, like IDEs, Fiddler etc.

– Paint.NET

– Notepad++ still, but I’m looking for some web alternative

– Dropbox, Google Drive

I believe with time more and more from this list will be put on web, especially developments tools will be a good challenge (for JavaScript that’s already happened, only the powerful IDE still needs to be used on desktop).

And few less significant:

5. Linkedin, no more CV. Facebook, no more problems with remembering birthdays … 😉

6. Smartphones, Kindles, tablets, changing the way of how we communicate, how we travel, how we read books, newspapers, how we are using  camera,  how we are watching movies, lectures, etc.

7. GitHub, changed the way how we are coding, how we are storing the code.

8. Google Authenticator, LastPass changing the way how we are managing passwords, making our accounts more secure.

9. Heroku, Google App Engine, RedHat OpenShift – host for free and then pay if you would like to expand …

And more …

It is the good thing to realize in how amazing times we are living, especially for the developers. The another thing is, never ever before it was so easy to become a software developer, and never ever before it was so good to be such one, in the center of all this changes.


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