The Java Language Environment – the piece of history

Finally I found some time to go through The Java Language Environment document written by James Gosling and Henry McGilton 17 years ago…

Source link:

Few thoughts appeared in my mind after reading it:

– it is a great piece of Programming Language design. Being honest, the ideas which were grouped there are now de facto standard. And let me call to mind, it was publicized on 1996 May, more than 17 years ago!

– the main idea which goes through whole document is ‘The HotJava Browser–A New Concept in Web Browsers’. We know now, that idea wasn’t accepted widely, so the others concepts which aimed to support main idea grown to a really big thing

– On September 1998, Java become 4th language of the year in TIOBE INDEX (2 years after Gosling’s document appeared) – it lost only with C, C++ and VB. Now, from many years it is exchanging 1st and 2nd place with C language becoming one of the most popular programming language in the world.

– The works on its direct Windows competitor, C# started in January 1999. For now, following the TIOBE INDEX, Java is used by three times bigger number of developers in comparison to C#.

– The original and reference implementation Java compilers, virtual machines, and class libraries were developed by Sun from 1991 and first released in 1995 (source).


Impressive, even more impressive is that one guy (James Gosling) just changed the world at some point of time 🙂


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