Stand up – approaching the split …

In scrum teams I’ve met couple of times some concerns about when is a good time for doing stand up meetings. Should that be morning, so we would summarize yesterday and plan actual day of work, or maybe should that be end of the day summarizing last achievements and plan for the tomorrow?

Both have some advantages and disadvantages connected with the time of where they are taken. One side is, you would like to plan day just before starting working that day, as there could be some changes done by the team on the another part of the globe. On the other hand, it’s nice to finish day summarizing where we are, what are the blockers we need to address and how far we are with progress of the work.

In my team we actually started to use daily plannings and daily demos, both focused on scrum team which is kind of separation of duties for typical stand up meeting. How does it work?

Every day once we go through the mails and chats we do a daily planning, looking on the sprint backlog and from time to time doing general backlog refinement, so then we know what we want to work on, how do we plan to approach it and how do we want to tackle all the issues we identified previous day.

Additionally, every day is finished with daily demo where we explain what would we learnt that day (every day would ideally finish with proper learning stack ;), what we did and what’s blocking us, which eventually starts discussion on hot topics. This works pretty well, as through time boxed meeting we are able to mention all painful parts and have the whole night for realizing the proper solution (usually the obvious one)…

That idea emerged from doing daily sprints, which was very nice experience and something I will describe with some next post. With such approach and using all scrum artifacts we quickly found stand ups as redundant thing which was
nicely replaced by above daily meetings and you know what … we really like it. Moreover, it’s working very well allowing us to synchronize quickly and do meetings in a right times. No more concerns when stand up should happen 😉


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