One more reason to like docker …

As many of software engineers, in my life I’m going through many different technology books. Just now I’m reading another one, which in this case is about ActiveMQ. There would be nothing special this time, but as I already learn a bit on docker my mind changed a bit …

Scenario as always, you want to learn some technology and in the case where it’s just software product like ActiveMQ (other servers or so), you have to go through configuration and setup phase. Believe me or not, sometimes it could be really not trivial (I’ve learn about it trying to install RabbitMQ on my Centos …). Wait a moment, I’ve mentioned docker and now some stuff about ActiveMQ, how is it connected?

Well, instead of just going through installation instructions, which depends on underlying operational system, version of product etc., what we can do is to go to docker repository in here: Typing ActiveMQ and viola … lot’s of containers in there having already ActiveMQ onboard waiting for us to just use it …

I’m not saying knowledge about how to setup ActiveMQ is not useful, but in case you would like to try and eventually then have a simple way to do that installation on any kind of server you have; it’s really time saver. The annoying process of configuration and setup could be done once, and then you could just reuse it. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Isn’t that sound familiar? Don’t repeat yourself, isn’t that all about it? Actually, we are now at stage of having our system and software layer as the service (container), which could be set once and then reused anywhere. Always used in the same way, always behaving as expected, for me sounds really like a game changer.

And just imagine – you take another technology book and instead of seeing at first chapter what you need to do as part of installation process, you just see the link to docker container where all is already waiting for you, with right version, with right configuration. Besides of that you have Appendix A, where all details lands waiting for those enthusiasts who would love to go deeper. Sounds good?


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