Web Front End – mind changer

The last time I had nice effect of ‘aha’ was when I learnt bootstrap. Beautiful idea bringing black magic into typical developers, that was something which was really amazing for myself. All my web application started to look nice, and with my not huge CSS knowledge I was able to easily do many nice things.

This was the one part of how things look like, but I wasn’t happy with my existing knowledge (jQuery) of how to build and construct javascript and html parts of web, but mainly those one responsible strictly for UI. For JavaScript middleware (is there already something like that?) sounds like backbone really doing nice job.

All in all, I’ve tried with AngularJS. And you know what? I failed with it. The biggest issue is that if you want to think about microservice way of building teams (yes right, not the software – see Conway’s law) you would like not only focus on backend, database and services. Ideally you would like to care about UI/UX stuff too. It’s the thing I’ve heard for the first time in Spotify Engineering culture videos, where it made for them significant difference once they were able to decouple UI aligning to how services were already decoupled too. And this really, really make sense (you know, plugins, widgets concepts).

There were already many ways of doing them, and I personally believe all were ugly. There was a luck of something like twitter did with styling (bootstrap ofc), the thing which could enable it, not just provide workaround to make it happen.

And here it is, react.js 🙂 Thanks to Facebook I’ve got another effect of ‘aha’ as they did really brilliant job. It’s not only about building framework/library, it’s mainly about building concept. And this concept it is not the magic you have to learn for a long and pray for that to work once you scale the things, at least it looks now very solid and I was really enjoying playing with it.

Want’s to see more? Just look in here: http://facebook.github.io/react/


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