Before you start coding – software architectural considerations

Keeping the list as memo – this is something you should ideally document – or at least know well the answers before you start development of your money-making project.

  1. What architecture pattern do you want to use?
  2. What client model is most appropriate?
  3. Which platform is best for this solution?
  4. Does the hardware or OS matter?
  5. How will you handle component integration?
  6. What communication protocols are you going to use?
  7. Is the solution even feasible given skills, budget and time?
  8. How secure does the system need to be?
  9. Does the system need to scale?
  10. How much performance is needed from the system?
  11. How available does the system need to be?
  12. Do you need to be concerned about the maintainability?

Find more on Software Architecture Fundamental – Understanding the Basics


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