First time Team Leader? (responsibility)

You’ve just got a new job – you are quite excited. With new salary, new position in company it makes you proud and you feel noticed and appreciated! Yes, it’s all true but think about that … something changed in your life – and possibly you are not yet aware about it.

I would assume you were responsible so far for yourself, maybe for your kids/spouse/parents. It’s mainly the family being close to you. But with new leadership position – you are now responsible for other people too. And it’s not just about some people – the team you inherited or you will build up – those people career and sometimes even life will become somehow dependent on you.

Through my experience I did many mistakes – or I saw them to be done. One of the biggest mistake you can make is to ignore that responsibility or just let’s say skip it. Usually in software engineering positions – it tends to go together with the role of  Tech Lead – becoming more responsible technically for project. When those two are connected – it’s very important to not get into just technical part of it – and in the same time very easy to focus just on tech part of it.

I had a chance to be a part of great team – when I’ve started my career – and believe me – I was very lucky. Maybe it was a bit of unconscious – but I learn about what does it mean to have good team leader who feels responsible for his team and how can I use that knowledge to help others. And yet, I didn’t learn it just after being in that team – I’ve learnt it when I started to do Team Leader role and I’ve reflected my decisions based on what I felt being in position of people in my team. Lack of responsibility often raise frustration and lack of meaning – as part of whole company. On the other hand – having such support it’s crucial for building own place in company society and to go through your career in a right direction – having always support from your Team Leader you can count on.

Another crucial thing is to listen your people – they know you are responsible for them and in their interest is to help you – so then you can help them. Listening to the feedback is big part of the Team Leader role – and by that we are not just responsible for our people career – we are responsible for listening them and making sure we act whenever there is something going badly.

To summarize – never forget that becoming Team Leader means you take the responsibility over your team. Often, their success depends on you and we should do our best to enable our people to succeed – not anymore focus on how we personally can grow.


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