The most of the time we spent in the work – so it defines us – really???

One of the thing I usually find used by people from talent acquisition (recruitment) – is that the work you do is most of your life and you should be enjoying that and having enough fun in it.

And when you listen to that – you really feel there is something in it – and it’s quite true. But think for a moment … is it really?

The single most important fact is – that if we want to be really happy we have to understand ourselves. We need to understand what makes us happy. We need to be aware of the things which if we lose – we really feel to be missing them. It’s hard thing to realise – and difficult road on knowing yourself better – but it drives to be happier in a same time.

I know people who came to the work, just to do whatever necessary to earn money. And this is fine, because they know what makes them happy – and use the money they earn doing job they are expected to do – making employer happy and themselves too. Other cases would be to spend much of time in the work, have a fun, play video games with peers – and again making that way to be happy.

It’s all fine – if you do that in conscious way – in aware way. One of the thing I’ve learned is – the other people don’t define you. They can tell you – what they believe fun is, what the great team is, what the great work is – from their perspective. But in reality – only you know that for yourself. And sometimes you realise it only when you lose it 🙂

And what to do – if you are not really sure how to achieve it? How to learn more about yourself? In here, I would really recommend the book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – it’s hard book to go through – but once you do it – you will know yourself much better – I promise.

Finally, going back to the topic of article – remember it’s not the work you do nor even people around you what is defining you – it’s more about our choices, our state of mind, our behaviours – and we have huge impact on that (although they say, we control only 40% of our happiness ;).

The more you know yourself, the more you define yourself in a conscious way.


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