NDatabase 3.8 – OID enhancements, Cascade Delete

[Home Page]  [Download] [Documentation] Changes: CascadeDelete attribute – allowing on cascade delete (see issue page) – documentation OID attribute – allows on mapping internal OID to class defined field (see issue page) – documentation Bug fix – null values of index fields (compare to / equals methods) (see issue page) Bug fix – Select trigger should pass object instead of object representation … More NDatabase 3.8 – OID enhancements, Cascade Delete

Restructure NDatabase

For most of the software projects there comes a time, when you need to spend some time over improving its structure. You start to seeing, that classes which you are changing cause you need to change totally unrelated ones too (from the first point of view) and some side effects could be really surprised for you. It is still … More Restructure NDatabase

Db4objects acquired by Versant, now Versant acquired by Actian …

It is really crazy that few versions of this great product were slow down by changing the owner. This time Actian Corp is taking ownership over db4o project and other Versant products, we will see what that will bring. Couple of links with more details: http://community.versant.com/Forums/tabid/98/aft/12161/afnp/34350/Default.aspx http://www.actian.com/press/actian-completes-acquisition-versant