ProfileOptimization Class

I think in some rare cases, that could be useful. It’s improving time needed for JITing on multicore computers working in background (on other computers it is just ignored). Unfortunately it is available only with .net 4.5 😉 ProfileOptimization Class Advertisements

Sequential File Programming Patterns and Performance with .NET

  Abstract:  Programming patterns for sequential file access in the .NET Framework are described and the performance is measured.  The default behavior provides excellent performance on a single disk – 50 MBps both reading and writing.  Using large request sizes and doing file pre-allocation when possible have quantifiable benefits.   When one considers disk arrays, .NET … More Sequential File Programming Patterns and Performance with .NET

Checked vs Unchecked C#

Reference: msdn Checked and Unchecked (C# Reference) C# statements can execute in either checked or unchecked context. In a checked context, arithmetic overflow raises an exception. In an unchecked context, arithmetic overflow is ignored and the result is truncated. checked Specify checked context. unchecked Specify unchecked context. If neither checked nor unchecked is specified, the default context … More Checked vs Unchecked C#