NDatabase 3.4

[Home Page]  [Download] [Documentation] Changes: (+) – Add FSharp sample project (U) – Performance improvements: Buffer.BlockCopy instead of Array.Copy, simplify logging messages – remove less important messages (+) – Add wcf sample (X) – Fix issue with hidden exceptions during triggers execution (U) – Remove console logger from engine, it could be attached on demand (simple class), … More NDatabase 3.4

ProfileOptimization Class

I think in some rare cases, that could be useful. It’s improving time needed for JITing on multicore computers working in background (on other computers it is just ignored). Unfortunately it is available only with .net 4.5 😉 ProfileOptimization Class

NDatabase 3.0 release with LINQ support and LinqPad driver!

          [Home Page]  [Download] [Documentation] [LINQ to NDatabase] [LinqPad Sample] [LinqPad for NDatabase] Changes: Query API interface changed to SODA [see samples] LINQ to NDatabase added LinqPad driver added [see sample] [see how create own typed data context] Sample database prepared – northwind.ndb (with generator from Sql Server) Collections and dictionaries … More NDatabase 3.0 release with LINQ support and LinqPad driver!

Linq + Ruby = RINQ

Below interesting article describing C# Linq idea in Ruby world: Article Concept is really cool. Moreover, Linq way of processing object database queries is gaining more and more popularity, we will see if finally the standard widely used for all Object Databases could appear…